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Mini through holes slip ring

Mini through holes slip ring
Product name : Mini through holes slip ring
Item : VSR-TC7-12
Details :
TC series slip ring is a micro slip ring, of which there is a 7, or 15, or 20 mm through-bore in the center of the shaft. It has the advantages of capsule & through bores slip ring. This design features long life & low cost, and fiber Precious metal brush contact technology realizes ultimate performance in many challenging applications. With aluminum alloy body, double precision roller bearings provide smoother running, lower torque and lower electrical noise. It is suitable for transferring signal & low power.



  7mm through-bore, provid 1~12 ways;
  Compact miniature design, small size fit for harsh space;
  Multi circuits / channels design can deliver both power & signal at the same time;
  Hybrid FORJ or High Frequency rotary joint;
  Aluminium alloy shaft and body for excellent shielding;
  No need to maintain.



300 RPM
Voltage 240 VAC/DC
Working Temp -30 ℃~+80 ℃
Current 2A/way
Dielectric Strength 600 V DC @ 50Hz
Insulation Resistance >=500 MΩ @ 600 V AC
Electrical Noise less than 60 mΩ
Body material Aluminium alloy

Typical Application
  Rotary tables, test equipment;
  Robots, processing equipment and rotary sensors;
  Exhibit / display equipment;
  Medical equipment.

  Higher voltage and current capacity;
  Higher speed;
  Wider range of temperature;
  Higher protection class;
  Style of  exits for lead wires;
  Flange for installation.

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