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6 Ways Standard Capsule Slip Ring

6 Ways Standard Capsule Slip Ring
Product name : 6 Ways Standard Capsule Slip Ring
Item : VSR-SC6
Details :

SC slip ring capsule is a standard,off-the-shelf unit that uses gold contacts at the rotary interface. Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor to distinguish, with double contacts & double precision roller bearings, it utilizes 90°V-groove rings to provide smoother running, lower torque and lower electrical noise.  Flame-retardant plastic shell,6, 12, and 24 circuit models for Power and /or signal.
A.)Outline (Units:mm)


 Channels  1~6 Ways
 Voltage  240V AC/DC
 Current Rating  2A/Ring
 Speed  300PRM
 Insulation Resistance  1000M@500VDC 
 Dielectric Strength  AC250V@60Hz, 60S
 Electrical Noise  60 milliohms MAX @ 5~10 rpm,50milliamps,6V DC 
 Lead Size/Type   AWG28 Sliver plated coppe,Type ET Teflon
 Lead Lengths  250mm
 Operate Temp  -20℃~+80℃
 Storage Temp  -30℃~+90℃

C.)Wire Map

     ● Compact miniature design, small size, fit for harsh space;
     ● Double precision roller bearings for lower torque & long life;
     ● Signal and power can be combined to deliver in same slip ring;
     ● More installation flanges for option.

     ●  CCTV monitoring system;
     ●  Medical equipment;
     ●  Robots;
     ●  Laboratory equipment.

     ● Higher speed ;
     ● Metal shell;
     ● Available connector and Heat-shrink tube;
     ● Length of lead wires can be customized.

G:)Other Flange (including, without limitation to those types)

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