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Hybrid Slip Ring

Hybrid Slip Ring
Product name : Hybrid Slip Ring
Item : HY-1
Details :
Details :
      Gas-electric hybrid slip ring is usually installed on end surface of the equipment to transmit fluid and electrical signals.The conductive slip ring is installed inside the fluid slip ring.The rotor signal wire is led out from the middle hole of the rotating joint, and the stator signal wire is radially led out from the main body of the stator.The rotor of the combined slip ring is fixed with flange mounting, and the stator restricts the following rotation of the stator through a stop rod.
This product is compact and simple to install.

Technical specification:
Speed: 100 Rpm; 
Operate temperature:-30~90℃
protect degree:IP54
Housing: Al alloy
Part A:(Conductive Slip Ring)
Channels: 12 rings(for signal);
Operation Voltage: 0~240VAC/DC;
Current : 2A/Ring; 
Contact material: Precious Metal;
Electric Noise:Max.40m Ω;
Dielectric strength: 500VAC@50Hz,60s;
Insulation resistance:500M MΩ @600VDC;
Part B:(Pneumatic slip ring)
Channels:2 Ways
Pressure:1.6Mpa Max 
Media:compressed air/vacuum
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